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Will Chlorophyll Increase Red Blood Cells In ESRD

2013-08-02 14:38

Will Chlorophyll Increase Red Blood Cells In ESRDLow regeneration of red blood cell is an important cause for ESRD patients to suffer from anemia, tiredness and dizziness. Therefore, increasing red blood cell is very important. It is said chlorophyll helps ESRD patients increase red blood cells and remit anemia. Is this true?

How does ESRD cause low generation of red blood cell?

ESRD stands for end stage renal disease. It is a severe illness condition that may cause influence on any part of our body. Low red blood cell count is the typical characteristic of anemia. And for ESRD patients, they suffer from anemia due to low EPO (erythropoietin) which plays a crucial role in generating red blood cells. EPO is normally secreted by kidney and when kidney tissues are injured, production of it decreases and also anemia is caused. Therefore, increasing red blood cell count will help ESRD patients to remit anemia effectively.

Will chlorophyll increase red blood cells in ESRD?

Liquid chlorophyll has lots of health benefits. Aside from cleaning toxins from the blood, it also adds important nutrients to the blood and increase red blood cells. The major component of red blood cell is hemoglobin. Medical studies show that liquid chlorophyll can actually help to do the job of hemoglobin, as its molecular structure is almost identical to hemoglobin except for the center atom. For this reason, chlorophyll shows great promise in helping ESRD patients increase red blood cells and alleviate anemia. Effective management of anemia helps to control kidney problem well.

Besides, to receive obvious treatment effects, ESRD patients also need to repair kidney damages and improve kidney function. We all know ESRD patients have low levels of red blood cell count as kidneys can not secrete enough EPO, so only when kidney problem is solved effectively, can anemia be treated well. In this light, repairing kidney damages to improve kidney function is also essential.

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