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Treatment for End Stage Renal Disease

2013-08-16 10:44

Treatment for End Stage Renal DiseaseIt is depressing with diagnosis of End Stage Renal Disease, as it is believed dialysis and kidney transplant are the only two treatment options. Do patients really have no other choice when kidney problem develops to end stage? The answer to this question is”No, There is!”

Polluted Blood Therapy is a new treatment for End Stage Renal Disease and it breaks the conventional treatment concept. Different from most of the treatments, Polluted Blood Therapy is a treatment that treats kidney disease through treating polluted blood, not the kidney. We all know when End Stage Renal Disease is formed, lots of harmful substances will accumulate in blood. This not only affects injured kidneys, but also threatens other internal organs. Therefore, treating polluted blood is imperative. Also, this is the reason why dialysis is required when serum creatinine increases to a certain level.

Treatment of Polluted Blood Therapy is specialized in removing the toxin and harmful substances on vascular walls and blood vessels, so as to effectively restore original hematopoietic and blood circulation mechanism of the patients. After this purpose is achieved, kidney function will be improved easily.

Polluted Blood Therapy is divided into three process:

* Combined therapy of blood purification

* Elements supplementation

* Function rebuilding

These three processes are connective and supportive wit each other, not isolated. They focuses on different medical purpose and as long as every process is done well, kidney function will be improved. Also, during these three processes, different medicines are used and the selection of medicines bases on patients’ specific illness condition and physical condition.

Lastly, as a new treatment for End Stage Renal Disease, Polluted Blood Therapy causes no torturous sufferings, so it is a relatively safer treatment.

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