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End-stage Renal Disease(ESRD)

Here is the causes, symptoms, complications, early detection/diagnosis, prevention, treatment, prognosis, diet and fitness of End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD).

Muscle Twitching And Anemia in ESRD: Causes and Treatment

ESRD (end stage renal disease) is the last stage of chronic kidney disease. Most patients on ESRD have been on dialysis treatment, however, various symptoms and complications still affect the quality of their life. Then what cause muscle tw...Read More

Improve Kidney Function for ESRD Patients with Chinese Medicine Therapy

Can kidney function still be improved when condition develops ESRD (End Stage Renal Disease)? While the answer is definite. You should learn about Chinese medicine therapy improving kidney function....Read More

Natural Treatment for ESRD Patients with Nausea and Vomiting

ESRD means that your kidney disease has come into end stage and patients may suffer from all kinds of symptoms. Kidney is an important organ in our body and once it damaged may influence other systems. So does digestive system. Patients may ...Read More

Natural Treatments Help the ESRD Patients Extend Lifespan Except Dialysis

Many people died of End-Stage Renal Disease that is the final stage of kidney failure, so once a person diagnosed with ESRD, he or she are eager to know their lifespan. In fact, it depends on the patients individual physical condition and i...Read More

Treatment for Lost Sleep and Vomiting in End-Stage Renal Disease

End-Stage Renal Disease(ESRD) is the final stage of kidney failure. With the development of the disease, the renal function will decrease seriously, and the patients can suffer from many symptoms and complications, such as vomiting, nausea,...Read More

How to Extend the Life of An ESRD Patient Without Dialysis

How to extend the life of an ESRD patient without dialysis? Many people asked us this question, because many patients died of End-Stage Renal Disease. And the traditional treatment to extend the life of ESRD patients is dialysis, while it c...Read More

Innovative Natural Treatments Can Help ESRD Patients Keep Away From Death

ESRD, the abbreviation of End-Stage Renal Disease, is the end stage of CKD. So far, there are many people have died of ESRD. In general, for the patients with ESRD, their doctors can recommend them to receive dialysis and kidney transplant,...Read More

End-Stage Renal Disease Caused by High Blood Pressure: How to Avoid Dialysis

End-Stage Renal Disease is the last stage of kidney disease, and can be caused by many diseases, such as high blood pressure. As we all know, the traditional and common treatment for End-Stage Renal Disease are dialysis. While, it is not th...Read More

Best Home Management for Pulmonary Edema and Elevated Blood Pressure in ESRD

For the patients with kidney failure, edema is a common symptom, and can involve many body parts, such as feet, legs, hands, face, eyelid and so on. What is worse, for End-Stage Renal Disease patients, they also can suffer from pulmonary ed...Read More

Alternative Ways to Protect Yourself from End-Stage Renal Disease

End-Stage Renal Disease, also called stage 5 kidney failure, is a life-threatening disease, because your kidneys fail to work to maintain your life. Thus, preventing your kidney disease worsening is necessary. Next, we will introduce you th...Read More

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