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End-stage Renal Disease(ESRD)

Here is the causes, symptoms, complications, early detection/diagnosis, prevention, treatment, prognosis, diet and fitness of End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD).

Medicines For End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD)

Compared with patients who are suffering from kidney problem in early stage, these who are told to have End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) always need more medicines to manage their illness. End Stage Renal Disease is a severe illness condition...Read More

Will Chlorophyll Increase Red Blood Cells In ESRD

Low regeneration of red blood cell is an important cause for ESRD patients to suffer from anemia, tiredness and dizziness. Therefore, increasing red blood cell is very important. It is said chlorophyll helps ESRD patients increase red blood...Read More

Dietary Tips for End Stage Renal Disease

Patients with end stage renal disease cannot live longer without dialysis or kidney transplantation. It is very crucial for patients to have a healthy diet to deal with end stage renal disease. Under this condition, what can patients with E...Read More

Causes, Symptoms and Treatment For ESRD

ESRD is life-threatening or we can say deadly. It refers to the worst kidney condition which als can be called end stage kidney failure. Well, what causes this fatal disease? What are the symptoms and treatments? Here, we will make comprehe...Read More

Why Do ESRD Patients Have Decreased Urine Volume

Decreased urine volume is a bad sign for ESRD patients and it means kidneys are failing in filtering blood and producing urine. Here, we will introduce how kidney produce urine, why ESRD patients have decreased urine volume and other urine...Read More

Top 10 Symptoms of ESRD In Women

What are the symptoms of ESRD in women? ESRD (End Stage Renal Disease) refers to kidney failure stage of both chronic kidney problem and acute kidney problem. It is the worst kidney condition and always brings patients various unbearable sy...Read More

Herbal Treatment For End Stage Renal Disease

What is the herbal treatment for End Stage Renal Disease? End Stage Renal Disease refers to CKD stage 5 which is also generally called kidney failure stage. A great numbers of oral medicines can be used to treat End Stage Renal Disease due...Read More

Death For End-Stage Renal Disease

This article aims at explaining how End-Stage Renal Disease(ESRD) cause death and how to prolong life span with End-Stage Renal Disease. How End-Stage Renal Disease cause death? End-Stage Renal Disease refers to the worst kidney condition i...Read More

Causes And Treatment For Vomiting In End Stage Renal Disease

What are the causes and treatment for vomiting in End Stage Renal Disease? Vomiting is an annoying symptom of end stage kidney failure. It affects patients appetite and make them unable in ingesting necessary nutrition, which is very agains...Read More

Decreased Urine Output In ESRD

Why ESRD (End Stage Renal Disease) patients have decreased urine output? Kidneys help to produce urine, so urine changes can help reflect kidney condition. Decreased urine output is a hot topic among ESRD patients, as the less urine are pro...Read More

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