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End-stage Renal Disease(ESRD)

Here is the causes, symptoms, complications, early detection/diagnosis, prevention, treatment, prognosis, diet and fitness of End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD).

Chinese Treatments Help the Patients with Creatinine Level 8.9 Get Rid of Dialysis

Generally speaking, creatinine level 8.9 means that patients kidney function has been damaged seriously and some patients are undergoing Dialysis. But no body wants to live depending on a machine, however, it is not a easy thing to get rid...Read More

What Treatments Can Take Effect on the Patients with No Kidney Function

What treatments can take effect on the patients with no kidney function? Many patients suffering from End-Stage Renal Disease concern this question. It is very dangerous for the patients with no kidney function, because it may threaten the...Read More

What Can Be Done to Relieve Blood in Urine with ESRD

Blood in urine, as its name implies, it refers to there is massive red blood cells in urine. The occurring of red blood cells means the decline of renal function. Well, what can be done to relieve the sign? Generally speaking, one of the fu...Read More

What Will Happen If One Stops Urine in End-Stage Renal Failure

Troubled by end-stage renal failure? Do you still have urine? What will happen if you stop urine in end-stage renal failure? What should you do? Go on reading and find the answers. What does it mean with no urine? Kidneys play an important...Read More

End-Stage Kidney Disease: What Treatment Should I Take except for Transplantation

Maybe, you are suggested to do kidney transplantation for end-stage kidney disease. Do you? Are you now searching for other alternatives? This passage will provide you some suggestions. Transplantation seems to be the last choice for end-st...Read More

Natural Remedy Gives You Hope in End-Stage Renal Disease

Do you feel hopeless in end-stage renal disease? Do you afraid that your life is in danger at any time? Do not worry, there are natural remedies that will give you hope. When the disease progresses into end-stage kidney disease, the residua...Read More

Natural Treatment Brings Hope for End-Stage Renal Disease

Is End-Stage Renal Disease a sign of death ? Many people asked like this. I know that you are full of fearfulness and dreadfulness in end-stage renal disease. But do not worry, natural treatment brings hope for you. What treatment are you t...Read More

Is There Any Chance for Me in End-Stage Kidney Disease

Is there any chance for me to get through end-stage kidney disease? What should I do with my kidneys? Are you also confused with these question? Next, lets discuss how to live in end-stage kidney disease. In end-stage kidney disease, there...Read More

Is End-Stage Renal Disease with Creatinine 11 a Sign of Death

Are you trouble by end-stage renal disease? Do you worry that end-stage renal disease with creatinine 11 is a sign of death? Follow me to find the answers! End-stage renal disease is regarded as the last stage of kidney disease. The kidney...Read More

What Will Happen in End-Stage Kidney Failure without Dialysis

It seems that everybody in end-stage kidney failure will go through dialysis. Then what will happen in end-stage kidney failure without dialysis? As its name indicates, end-stage kidney failure is the last stage of kidney disease and the mo...Read More

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