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End-stage Renal Disease(ESRD)

Here is the causes, symptoms, complications, early detection/diagnosis, prevention, treatment, prognosis, diet and fitness of End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD).

What Is Life Expectancy Of Stage 5 Kidney Disease

Stage 5 kidney disease is also known as end stage or final stage kidney disease or stage 5 kidney failure in clinic. Renal damages are so severe that the patients normal life activity and life expectancy are affected. It is well known that...Read More

Symptoms Of Stage 5 Kidney Failure

Stage 5 kidney failure basically means that the kidneys no longer function well to support the patients normal life. A series of symptoms will develop with the gradual loss of kidney functions. It is necessary to have a clear knowledge of t...Read More

Alternative Treatment for ESRD in China

We all know dialysis and kidney transplant are the two conventional treatment for ESRD around the world. However, as these two medical measures can not help ESRD patients to solve problem from the root, alternative treatment-Immunotherapy i...Read More

What Does Stage 5 Renal Failure Mean

Stage 5 renal failure is also called stage 5 renal disease or end stage renal disease. It is often abbreviated as ESRD in clinic. Renal failure is divided into 5 stages according to GFR (glomerular filtration rate) and severity of renal dam...Read More

How to Prevent ESRD with Stage 4 Kidney Failure

Stage 4 kidney failure will run to ESRD (End Stage Renal Disease) directly if left uncontrolled. Many treatment methods can be applied to deal with Chronic Kidney Failure, but many of them only show temporary treatment effects. Therefore, t...Read More

End Stage Renal Disease Life Expectancy

For end stage renal disease patients, the damages of their kidneys have been permanent and patients often suffer a lot from nausea, vomiting, poor appetite, malnutrition, skin itching, swelling, anemia, etc. What is more, the disease can be...Read More

15% Kidney Function Life Expectancy

Chronic kidney disease can be divided into 5 stages according to remaining kidney functions by calculating GFR. If patients have less than 15% kidney functions, it means that illness has entered into the final stage and dialysis is needed t...Read More

Symptoms Of The Last Stage Of Kidney Failure

Last stage of kidney failure is also called end stage renal failure in which there are less than 10% kidney functions. The severely damaged kidneys can not maintain normal day-to-day life. Excessive water, electrolytes as well as many metab...Read More

Prognosis of End Stage Renal Disease with Dialysis

ESRD, the abbreviation of End Stage Renal Disease, always used to describe the seriously failed kidneys which are no longer able to help sufferers maintain a normal life. With ESRD, patients will suffer from various health tissues like hear...Read More

What Will Happen To End Stage Renal Failure Without Dialysis

Kidney patients will need to be put on dialysis when they develop end stage renal failure at which point they have less than 10-15% kidney functions. For chronic kidney failure, patients have to have dialysis for the rest of their life once...Read More

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