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End-stage Renal Disease(ESRD)

Here is the causes, symptoms, complications, early detection/diagnosis, prevention, treatment, prognosis, diet and fitness of End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD).

How Long Can Someone Live With End Stage Renal Failure

It has been reported that there are about 80,000 people being diagnosed with chronic renal failure every year and kidney disease is the number nine leading caus...Read More

How to Diagnose End Stage Renal Failure

There are some general and typical symptoms for patients that are in end stage of renal failure. In case of the following symptoms and signs, it is recommended ...Read More

What Is Uremic End Stage Renal Disease

Uremic end stage renal disease is not an independent kidney disease but the final stage of chronic renal failure. End stage uremic renal disease is characterize...Read More

Dialysis And End Stage Renal Failure

At the mention of end stage renal failure, many people would think of dialysis and kidney transplant. Since not every patient has the money and chance to have k...Read More

Life Expectancy for Renal Failure on Dialysis

Renal failure is the end stage of various kidney disease and dialysis means that there are less than 15% kidney functions. As for the exact life expectancy for ...Read More

Is Dialysis a Cure for End Stage Renal Failure

End stage renal failure means that the GFR has been lower than 10-15ml/min and the kidneys can not function well to discharge creatinine, blood urea nitrogen, u...Read More

What is End Stage Renal Failure

End-stage renal failure is the final stage of kidney disease in which total or almost total kidney functions have been lost and patients will need to rely on re...Read More

What Are the Symptoms of End-stage CRF

CRF (chronic renal failure) is a chronic process in which kidney functions experience progressive and gradual decline and loss. It can be subdivided into 5 stag...Read More

Renal Failure Treatment


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