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Diabetes and Kidney Disease Experts

Here are experts on kidney diseases and diabetes. They all have their own expertise and achievements. Get to know them and get free online consultation.

Cardiovascular Expert Zhao, Weijiang

Zhao, Weijiang He is the journal editor of Hebei Medical University, member of the cardiovascular committee of Chinese Medical Association. He has more than 30 years clinical practices and has come up with electric shock for saving sudden d...Read More

Nephrologist Zhang, Pingan

Female, 70 years old, Professor of Medicine She is a famous nephrologist in China. Devoted herself in studies and researches of treatments for various kidney diseases for nearly 50 years, she has published more than 30 papers and she has ac...Read More

Kidney Disease and Cardiovascular Expert---Shan, Hongyin

Male, chief physician, MD, deputy director of Kidney Disease Institute Professor Shan, Hongyin has devoted more than 40 years to clinical and scientific researches and teaching of cardiovascular and kidney diseases. He is highly honored and...Read More

Professional Chinese Medicine Practitioner---Zhao, Yuyong

Zhao, Yuyong Male, chief physician, guidance counselor of Chinese medicines experience and inheritance. His researches focus on experimental study and treatments of kidney diseases and he is highly skilled at treating primary kidney disease...Read More

Traditional Chinese Medicines Expert Zhang, Zhenfang

Zhang, Zhenfang Chief physician, MD, traditional Chinese Medicines Department He has more than 40 years medical practices and is good at treating refractory diseases with Chinese medicines and is honored by many patients as a famous doctor....Read More

CKD Expert Wang, Zhigang

Wang, Zhigang Chief physician, doctoral supervisor, director of urology department He has long been involved in clinical research and study of kidney diseases. Professor Wang, Zhigangs major research interests focus on chronic kidney diseas...Read More

Doctor of Medicine Yu, Junqing

Yu, Junqing Male, MD, was born in December, 1933. He has twice been to Zaire for foreign medical aid work and his team was named as the advanced collective. He is also the chief editor or co-author of many books such as Diagnosis and Treatm...Read More

Tai Chi Master Sun, Xincheng

Sun, Xincheng Chief physician, associate professor Professor Sun, Xincheng is now the masters supervisor and committee of China Urology Department. He has rich clinical and practical experience in the diagnosis and treatments for urinary tr...Read More

Urology Department Expert Zheng, Falei

Zheng, Falei He was once the doctorial supervisor and director of nephrology department in Peking Union Medical College and the director of Chinese medical and public health committee. He has rich clinical experiences and attaches a lot of...Read More

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