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Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis(FSGS)

FSGS is the second leading cause of kidney failure and about half of FSGS patients who do not respond to steroids go into ESRD each year. Now follow us to learn more about FSGS causes, symptoms, prognosis, diet and treatment to live a better life.

Which Herbal Product Can Reduce High Blood Pressure in FSGS

High blood pressure presents a strong stress when the blood flow through the blood pressure, and it is able to worsen kidneys, heart and other organs. Hence, which herbal products can reduce high blood pressure in FSGS? FSGS is a kidney pro...Read More

Can the FSGS Patients with Creatinine 6.0 be Cured with Dialysis

For many FSGS patients , they may have the following doubt, like: is serum creatinine 6.0 dangerous? Is it a wise option to do dialysis now? Can I be cured with dialysis? The answer of the first question is that creatinine 6.0 means a dange...Read More

How Do Chinese Herbs Correct Creatinine 7.3 in FSGS

FSGS is a kidney disease in which the kidneys become inflamed. Along with the decline of renal function, Creatinine level increases. Creatinine 7.3 in FSGS is related to serious kidney damage. How do Chinese herbs correct creatinine 7.3 in F...Read More

Is Chinese Medicine the Best Effective Way to Reduce Creatinine 7.2 in FSGS

It is no stranger to High Creatinine Levels among majority of kidney disease patients. When patients have high creatinine, usually Dialysis is required. But it is not the best way to reduce creatinine. Is Chinese medicine the best effective ...Read More

Some Home Remedies for Creatinine 5.7 with FSGS

At present, dialysis seems the only way for FSGS patients suffering from high creatinine level. However, dialysis is not the only way for patients to reduce high creatinine level. They are wondering that are there any home remedies for crea...Read More

What is the Best Hospital to Reduce Creatinine 652 with FSGS

General speaking, FSGS causes patients to suffer from high creatinine level easily. Creatinine 652 refers to that patients are already progressed into stage 4 kidney failure. Patients need to take prompt measures to save the residual kidney...Read More

Is There Treatment Available for Curing Swelling with FSGS Completely

Swelling is a common sign of FSGS and it is difficult to treat it fundamentally. Although swelling does not make patients to patients, it affects patients appearance and indicates that there is something wrong with kidney disease problems....Read More

How Long Do People Live with Kidney Failure Induced by FSGS

Kidney failure can be caused by so many illnesses and conditions and patients are curious about their life expectancy once they are diagnosed with kidney failure. Now, this article will explain the details about how long do people live with...Read More

What Can FSGS Patients with Creatinine 3.3 Do to Improve Kidney Function and Avoid Dialysis

Hi, my wife has FSGS and her creatinine is now 3.3. What can we do to improve kidneys function and avoid dialysis? Are you still suffering from the same problem? If so, please contact Online Doctor to know more details. FSGS is a condition...Read More

Natural Solution for FSGS with GFR 42

FSGS refer to that focal segmetnal glomerulous sclerosis which is a medical term to describe as several gloemruli are damaged and only a part of it is involved in. In clinic, GFR 42 means that patients are already at stage 3 kidney failure....Read More