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Best Diet for FSGS You Should Know

2013-09-01 16:33

Diet for FSGSWhat is the best diet for FSGS? FSGS often progresses to kidney failure, there are wide variations in the progression of the disease. An efficient treatment for FSGS and best diet for FSGS will prolong kidney function for as long as possible, or may even reverse the condition.

Protein intake

Protein intake is commonly included in the diet for FSGS and other kidney diseases. FSGS patients should control the protein intake in order not to increase the kidneys’ burden. But protein is something essential our body needs, so high quality of protein like chicken, milk, fish, lean meat, eggs, etc will be recommended. How much protein they should take per day varies from case to case. You can send your test report to, a personalized medical advise can be given.

Sodium intake

In order not to aggravate hypertension or cause edema, FSGS patients should control sodium intake. Canned foods are particular high sources of sodium in the American diet.

Water intake

Right amount of water intake is good for FSGS patients, too much fluid will be out of the damaged kidneys’ control. In order to avoid water retention, FSGS patients can go for some fruits like grapes, berries, watermelon, etc when they feel thirsty.

Fat and cholesterol intake

High fat and cholesterol intake is also included in diet for FSGS, especially when renal function is impaired. Foods like candy, chocolate, dessert, ice-cream, peanut, honey and animal fat should be controlled.

Of course the diet for FSGS include other aspects, and the specific medical advises on diet for FSGS varies from case to case. If you still have any follow-up questions about FSGS, tell us by leaving a message below, we are glad to help.

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