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FSGS in Kidney Failure: Save Your Kidneys with Natural Remedy

2014-04-01 23:55

It seems that there is no other treatments except for dialysis and kidney transplantation. So many people are afraid of FSGS especially in kidney failure. Can FSGS in kidney failure be saved? The answer is “yes”. There is natural remedy.

FSGS is characterized by glomerular damage with the deposition of immune complex on the epithelial cells of glomerulus. With more and more immune complex depositing on glomerulus, more and more healthy kidney tissues will be damaged. At last, when the remaining kidney function is no more than 15%, kidney failure comes. There are two choice for this kind of patients, one is dialysis, the other is transplantation. Both can sustain life. But they are the last things that people want to face.

But do not be afraid, there is another solution. If you are doing dialysis, this therapy will help you get rid of dialysis gradually. If you are about to do dialysis, this therapy can help you avoid it. Then what is this therapy? It is called Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. Have you heard of it? It is developed from the traditional Chinese herbs. But what makes it interesting is that it is externally used with the help of an osmosis device. So we can call it a western-Chinese combination. Here I do not explain how it operates in detail. If you want to know, you can send an email to for consultation. Let’s learn the special functions of this therapy.

When the super finely shattered herbs permeated into kidney cells, they can achieve such effects as dilating blood vessels, anti-inflammation, anti-coagulation and degrading extracellular matrix. The immune complex will be eliminated gradually and damaged kidney function will be restored. So your kidneys with FSGS in kidney failure can be saved at last. If kidneys work normally, there is no need to do dialysis or kidney transplantation. Do you want to try this therapy? You are welcomed to Shijiazhuang kidney Disease Hospital. Have any other questions? Please leave a message below if you have. Best wishes!

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