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What Will Happen If I Drink Alcohol with Creatinine Level 2.3 in FSGS

2014-07-19 08:11

In our daily life, many people have the habit of drinking alcohol. For normal people, drinking moderate alcohol can contribute to our health. But for kidney disease patients, they usually are recommended to limit drinking alcohol. But for a lover of alcohol, it is difficult to cut out drinking alcohol. Here, a question has been seen on our message board that what will happen if I drink alcohol with creatinine level 2.3 in FSGS? Next, we will answer you in detail.

★In general, it is a wise choice for the patients with high cretinine level in FSGS to get away from alcohol, because alcohol can stimulate kidneys and cause further damage to kidneys.

★What is worse, drinking frequently can raise the metabolism hyperfunction of creatinine in muscle, that is to say, drinking alcohol much also can cause creatinine level rising.

★Another more, drinking alcohol also can rise blood pressure and cause high blood pressure that also can worsen kidney damage. According to the research, about 50% of patients with FSGS have high blood pressure. It is very dangerous for the patients, because it can threaten patients’life if high blood pressure is raised by alcohol, because too high blood pressure will accelerate the progression of patients’condition.

★Besides, there are still some disadvantages for the patients with FSGS drinking alcohol. Alcohol will lower your immunity which has been damaged partially by FSGS; if you are taking some medicines such as steroids or herbal medicines, drinking alcohol is more likely to destroy the medical effects; drinking alcohol also can make you suffer from heart diseases like heart failure.

From the above, the patients with creatinine level 2.3 in FSGS had better not drink alcohol. If you also want to know more about the FSGS diet, you can send them to, and we will reply you as soon as possible.

Except diet, the patients with Creatinine Level 2.3 in FSGS can be reversed by proper treatment. In china, there are many natural treatments are suitable for FSGS with high creatinine. If you are interested in our natural treatments, you can leave your test report and information below, and we will choose the best treatment according to your individual condition. Best wishes!

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