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How to Prevent FSGS Worsening into Nephrotic Syndrome in Children

2014-08-27 16:44

FSGS is a common primary glomerular disease of Nephrotic Syndrome in children and adolescents, and it accounts for about a sixth of the cases of Nephrotic Syndrome. In clinic, FSGS is a kidney disease that is difficult to be treated. But, how to prevent FSGS worsening into Nephrotic Syndrome in children?

To prevent FSGS worsening, the first thing is to control and treat the disease. The traditional treatments for FSGS in Children are hormone or immunosuppressive agent. Though they can get obvious effect in remitting the symptoms and complications of FSGS, they also have terrible side effects. Besides, they also are bad for the growth of the children. While, natural treatments based on TCM are proved to be good treatments for FSGS in children, because they are used simply and has no side effect.

In Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital, the common natural treatments for FSGS have Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, foot bath therapy and Medicated bath therapy, and they are suitable for all ages patients. Next, let us take Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy for example to tell the treatment.

First, this therapy can control disease and remit symptoms.

Different children have different physical conditions and illness, according to this, we can choose different Chinese herbs as ingredients of this therapy. Do not worry, the medicines that we choose have the function of controlling the disease and remit the symptoms, such as improve appetite, lower high blood pressure, increase urine, relieve swelling, and so on.

Next, this therapy can protect and improve renal function.

Because all of the medicines are from natural herbs, some of them have the function of protecting renal function. Besides, the ingredients of this therapy also can promote the rebuild of kidney cells and tissues.

Besides, the Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy also can help the children correct the immune disorder and boost immunity. In short, it can help your children control disease and prevent Nephrotic Syndrome. What is more, if your child’s disease is controlled, this therapy also can help prevent relapse. If you are interested in our natural treatments, you are welcome to send an email to or leave a message below, and we will reply you at first time.

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