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To Stop Swelling for FSGS Patients Naturally

2014-11-08 13:40

To Stop Swelling for FSGS Patients NaturallyFSGS is one of the most common causes of primary glomerular diseases in adults. In general, it is a progressive form of kidney disease, accounting for 2.3% of patients with ESRD. Swelling can be a common symptom of FSGS, it not only affects the image, also may cause other severe complications like pulmonary edema and shortness of breath. Then how to stop swelling for FSGS patients naturally?

Some FSGS patients develop swelling of the eyelids in the morning and edema of the legs and body late in the day due to retention of fluid and this is what leads them to seek medical attention. In the clinic, diuretics are used to help rid the body of excess salt which causes the swelling. However, steroids used to treat other symptoms may also cause swelling. Some swelling cases are not easy to be treated.

Then why not go and try Chinese medicine therapies? Nowadays, more and more foreign patients come to try Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, foot bath, medicated bath, oral Chinese herbal medicine and other types of Chinese medicine therapies. Firstly, most of them can help expand blood vessels and improve blood circulation. After all levels of renal arteries are expanded, the glomerular effective perfusion will be increased, inner pressure of glomeruli will be decreased, at the same time, the high filtration rate of glomeruli will be also reduced, thus postponing and control the development of renal fibrosis. After that, swelling will gradually fade away.

What is more, these Chinese medicine therapies can also play more functions including anti-inflammation, anti-coagulation, degradation, removing immune complexes out of body, promoting DNA replication of damaged inherent cells and offering kidneys nutrients to gradually repair kidney damage and recover renal function. With the recovery of kidney function, kidneys will work again to remove the excessive salt and fluid out of body, thus stopping swelling and any other symptoms of FSGS naturally and effectively. Also, because it can help improve kidney function, it is commonly used to help FSGS patients effectively avoid kidney failure, dialysis and kidney transplant. As we all know, some FSGS are not sensitive to immunosuppressive agents and gradually develop kidney failure, so undoubtedly these Chinese medicine therapies bring them new hopes.

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