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How Does FSGS Cause Renal Failure And How to Stop It

2013-07-04 16:08

How Does FSGS Cause Renal Failure And How to Stop ItIn this text, we mainly solve two problems. One is how FSGS cause renal failure and another one is can we stop FSGS from causing renal failure.

How does FSGS cause renal failure?

To know clearly about how FSGS cause renal failure, let’s found out what they are.

About FSGS: FSGS is a medical term used to describe an abnormal kidney condition in which a number of glomeruli are injured partially. FSGS stands for Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis. Focal means only some of the glomeruli are involved and segmental means only part of each glomerulus is involved.

About renal failure: Renal failure is the synonymy of kidney failure and refer to a condition in which kidney function is impaired due to some reason and kidneys can not function properly to help us maintain the normal life. Renal failure is the final and worst consequence of kidney damages.

FSGS causes renal failure by affecting kidneys from working properly. Since we know in FSGS, some glomeruli are injured partially. Under such a condition, if no effective treatment is given timely, more and more glomeruli will be involved. When most of the glomeruli are injured and failed to perform function, renal failure is caused.

How to stop FSGS from progressing to renal failure?

For an individual with FSGS, the best method to prevent renal failure is to repair injured glomeruli on the precondition of protecting residual kidney tissues. Many people have theconception that kidney damages can not be repaired which actually is not totally true. In an injured kidney, there are healthy, injured and dead kidney intrinsic cells. Dead kidney tissues can not be repaired again, but this does not mean kidney intrinsic cells that are injured mildly can not be repaired. Similar with cells in our hands, our kidney cells also have a certain self-curative ability and when the damages are out of their self-repairing ability, they become necrotic and failed gradually. However, for these that are injured mildly, they can recover by strengthening their self-repairing ability.

For FSGS patients, as long as the residual kidney tissues are protected and injured kidney cells are recovery, kidney function will be improved and illness progression is stopped and also renal failure is avoided effectively.

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