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Causes of Malnutrition in Kidney Failure Patients

2014-02-18 19:02

In some causes, kidney failure patients may present malnutrition. Well, what are the potential causes? Please follow me to get the answer.

1. Effects of various toxins

In this advanced stage, various toxins within the gastrointestinal tract will cause nausea, vomiting and loss of appetite, in this way, nutritions can not be easily absorbed.

2. Endocrine disorders

As kidneys fail to work adequately, the secretion of glucagon and parathyroid hormone(PTH) will be increased, gradually, more protein and energy can be decomposed.

3. Effects of dialysis

For those with kidney failure, most of them are recommended to resort to dialysis to sustain their life.

And study shows that 5-15g protein and 1.2-4g amino acids will be discharged out of the body for those on peritoneal dialysis, when it combines with peritonitis, the amount of missed proteins may increase 50%-100%.

During the course of hemodialysis, the loss of amino acids can reach up to 10-13g.

4. Acidosis

Kidney failure may experience acidosis, and this abnormal sign can inhibit albumin synthesis and cause negative nitrogen balance. Therefore, the decomposition of proteins and amino acids will be elevated.

5. Inflammation response

Elevated level of proinflammatory cytokine and tumor necrosis factor, such as, serum interleukin-1, serum interleukin-6, TNF-α, etc can lead to increased protein.

6. Others

Under certain circumstances, excess volume load in people with renal failure can not only decrease appetite, but also lead to some systematic complications including heart failure, inflammation and so on. In this condition, malnutrition occurs.

The above are possible causes of malnutrition in kidney failure patients, if you are also suffering from this discomfort, do remember to find out the underlying cause. If you are not clear about this, please feel free to ask Free Help from online experts.

Malnutrition in kidney failure patients should be treated early, otherwise, the condition will be deteriorated. Besides, we recommend patients a set of treatments, such as, hot compress therapy, enema therapy, full bath therapy, etc. Any interests? Please send us email Best wishes!

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