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Will Kidney Failure Cause Diarrhea

2013-02-22 15:23

Sometimes, diarrhea may occur as a symptom of kidney failure and can lead to dehydration directly if left alone.

Will Kidney Failure Cause DiarrheaDiarrhea is a symptom related with gastrointestinal system. In cases of kidney failure, kidneys can not function properly, which can lead to high levels of urea nitrogen in the blood. Urea nitrogen is produced while protein is metabolized in our body and normally discharged by our kidney. However, as kidneys can not work well, urea nitrogen can not be excreted timely and blood urea nitrogen increases. High blood urea nitrogen (BUN) can cause many abnormal conditions:

1. Vomiting and diarrhea

2. Nausea

3. Weight loss

4. Nocturnal urination

5. Increased urine output with abnormal urine color

6. Blood urine, which is clinically called hematuria

7. Less frequent urination

Diarrhea is just one of the symptoms of kidney failure and occurrence of it is closely related with decreased kidney function. To prevent or remit diarrhea symptoms, kidney failure patients need to:

1. Adjust diet: In general, they need to limit salt intake, limit protein intake and limit potassium intake and phosphorus intake if lab tests show they have high levels of potassium and phosphorus. Besides, they can ingest some high quality protein to meet the physical demand. High quality protein can offer the necessary nutrition to our body and meanwhile produce less wastes during metabolism.

2. Bring all the kidney failure symptoms under control: having a tight control about symptoms caused by kidney failure helps to slow down the progression of kidney disease.

3. Avoid infection and cold as they may worsen kidney condition and all the symptoms, including diarrhea.

4. Avoid over the counter medications.

In our daily life, diarrhea is such a common illness condition that we do not treat it seriously. However, for kidney failure patients, once diarrhea symptom occur, they need to go to doctor for medical measures directly, otherwise, dehydration occurs easily.

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