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What Kind of Diet is Recommended to Increase Appetite for High Creatinine Level in Chronic Kidney Disease

2014-06-30 10:36

What kind of diet is recommended to increase appetite for high creatinine level in Chronic Kidney Disease(CKD)? Many patients suffering from high creatinine level in CKD may experience poor appetite, which seriously affects the patients’ normal life. If you are just one of them, In order to help you get out of the trouble, you are recommended to read the following article.

Why high creatinine level in CKD can cause poor appetite?

Healthy kidneys can maintain our bodies balance through secreting some necessary substances, eliminating the metabolic product, some wastes and toxins, and reabsorbing water and useful substances. But if kidneys are damaged seriously, our bodies will appear a series of disorder and cause some complications. High creatinine level in blood means that most of renal function has lost and there are many toxins accumulating in body that is the main cause of poor appetite, because they can affect the gastrointestinal system.

What kind of diet is recommended to increase appetite for high creatinine level in CKD?

For the patients with high creatinine level in CKD, poor appetite is a very dangerous symptom, because it can lead to malnutrition which can aggravate illness. A healthy diet plays an important role for the patients. In general, the diet plan for the patients with high creatinine level in CKD is low-salt, low-potassium, low-phosphorus, low but high quality protein, high fiber, high vitamin, if necessary, the patients also need to limit the water intake. As to increase appetite, you can eat blander and starchy foods or whatever appeals to you, as long as what you eat is suitable for you. One more point, avoid stimulating foods, such as spicy foods.

In conclude, staying away from malnutrition is the basis of treating your disease. Except diet, treatment also is necessary for you to live a normal life, if you want to know the effective treatments, you can send an email to, and we will choose the best treatment for your condition.

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