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Is Nausea a Symptom of Kidney Failure

2013-02-25 09:20

kidney failure nauseaNausea is one of the bothersome symptoms of kidney failure and it always makes patients have no appetite in any foods. In kidney failure, nausea is especially common in morning and this is because this symptom is closely related with the blood urea nitrogen level.

Why kidney failure patients have nausea in the morning?

Urea nitrogen is the end produce of protein and is normally removed by our kidney. Once kidney failure is diagnosed, kidney functions decrease and kidneys become unable in discharge urea nitrogen, as a result of which, blood urea nitrogen which can be abbreviated as BUN increases.

Urea nitrogen builds up in the blood and when they stimulate our gastrointestinal tract, we feel nausea. Besides, as we seldom drink much water at night,urea nitrogen in the blood can not be diluted and in the morning, there is a high concentration of blood urea nitrogen. This is the reason why kidney failure patients always have nausea symptom in the morning.

How to cope with nausea symptom in kidney failure?

1.Since nausea occurs because of high concentration of blood urea nitrogen, drinking some water will be helpful for remitting this symptom.

2. Urea nitrogen is the end product of protein, so the more protein are ingested, the more urea nitrogen are produced. Therefore, to prevent or alleviate nausea, limiting protein intake is also necessary. But to meet the demand of physical activities, patients can ingest some high quality protein like egg white and fish.

3. Improving kidney function: Blood urea nitrogen can be kept in a normal range 3.2-7.1mmol/L(9-20mg/d1) because of our kidney. For kidney failure patients, they suffer from high blood urea nitrogen level because their kidneys can not help to discharge urea nitrogen out of their body effectively. In such a case, as long as kidney function is improved, urea nitrogen can be discharged in time and also blood urea nitrogen level decreases. \

Nausea is just one of the symptoms of kidney failure and as a patient, we should know clearly that instead of remitting symptoms, improving kidney function should be the ultimate goal.

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