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Digestive Problems in Kidney Failure

2013-02-28 10:23

Digestive Problems in Kidney FailureKidney Failure can cause digestive problems which may affect patients’ appetite and worsen their kidney condition. Therefore, learning how kidney failure cause digestive problems is very helpful for slowing down the progression of kidney failure.

In cases of kidney failure, patients with digestive problems mainly present with poor appetite, nausea, vomiting, poor taste in mouth, gastrointestinal bleedings, peptic ulcer and so on. And all these symptoms usually occur because of high blood urea nitrogen which also can be shortly called BUN.

Urea nitrogen is the product of protein, a necessary substance of our body and is normally discharged by our kidneys. However, due to damaged kidneys, kidney failure patients can not get the excessive urea nitrogen out of their body. As a result of which, urea nitrogen build up in the blood and high BUN level occurs. Urea nitrogen stimulates gastrointestinal tract and thus cause a series of digestive problems like nausea, vomiting, poor appetite and so on.

Kidneys are responsible for us to discharge toxins and wastes in the blood. When kidneys fail to remove urea nitrogen, many other wastes and toxins can not be excreted as well. Therefore, in kidney failure, high BUN level also indicates high toxins in the blood. These toxins and wastes circulate with patients’ blood and may damage any part of their body. Therefore, kidney failure patients with digestive problems are also at high risk of developing many other health tissues like heart failure, blood disease, respiratory problems, neurological problems and so on.

Since high BUN level can cause so many health tissues, reducing BUN level is very necessary. BUN level is susceptible to diet and kidney condition, so to get BUN level controlled, both adjusting diet and improving kidney condition is very significant.

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