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How does Kidney Failure Affect Digestive System

2015-06-17 14:47

How does Kidney Failure Affect Digestive SystemKidney Failure is a disease which makes patients suffer from a series of symptoms and complications. Can kidney failure affect digestive system? If so, how to relive digestive system caused by kidney failure?

How does kidney failure affects patients’ digestive system ?

Kidney failure is a illness condition which makes lots of toxic substances and wastes products deposit in the body along with blood circulation, of which urea will get into all body systems easily. When it gets into intestinal tract system with blood flow, it will be broken into ammonia by urease and the ammonia will stimulate the gastrointestinal tract system, affect patients’ digestive system. Several patients even suffer from stomach pain, vomiting, nausea and poor appetite.

How to deal with digestive problem caused by kidney failure ?

In most cases, patients may choose dialysis to help patients to deal with poisoning symptoms, such as anemia, fatigue and other poisoning symptoms. However, dialysis also leads patients to suffer from a series of adverse effects like muscle cramping, anemia. Besides, the process of dialysis is very painful, because patients have to sit one place for about 4-6 hours. During the process of dialysis, patients also suffer from anemia, headache and muscle cramping.

Since dialysis brings patients a lot of side effects, more and more patients tend to choose Traditional Chinese Medicine. And many renal experts make many innovations based on Traditional Chinese Medicine. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotheraoy mainly works to repair the diseased cells and kidney tissues and recover their normal kidney function gradually. The goal of this therapy is to prevent the renal tissues from running into fibrosis, protect the residual kidney function, so as to prevent the digestive problem in advance.

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