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Gua Sha

Gua Sha

Gua Sha is one of the traditional Chinese medicines and refers to repeated pressured strokes over lubricated skin with worn con, even honed animal bones, water buffalo horn, or jade. Gua Sha is a natural remedy and owing to its multitudinous health benefits, Gua Sha becomes more and more common at home or abroad.

Gua Sha literally means to scrape away disease in Chinese and also we can understand as allowing the disease to escape as sandy-looking objects through the skin. It is a form of folk medicines and is also used in Indonesia.

As a traditional Chinese therapy, Gua Sha shows its therapeutical effects in the following ways:

1. Improve blood circulation and remove blood stasis

2. Increase patient's immunity

3. Relax muscle and tendons, activate collaterals

4. Help to remove toxins in blood

After Gua Sha, patient's back is usually filled with extravasation of blood from the peripheral capillaries and may result in sub-cutaneous blemishing, which is usually taken 2 to 4 days to fade. As Gua Sha is safer and causes no side effects, it is very commonly used in our daily life. However, this does not matter everyone with discomforts is suitable for Gua Sha. For people with following diseases or in the following conditions, they are not suggested to take Gua Sha:

1. People with infectious diseases

2. People who have serious bleeding tendency like people with advanced Diabetes, Anemia, Leukemia, ThrombopenicPurpura and so on.

3. People with Furuncle, Ulceration and Macula.

4. Location of acute lumbar muscle sprain, fracture, trauma.

5. People with insanity

6. People with serious cardiovascular diseases, renal insufficiency, hypohepatia, and swelling in the whole body.

7. Belly of pregnant

8. when an individual is extremely hungry, full or tired, he is also not suggested to take Gua Sha, as it may cause prostration.

For people in the above conditions or with one of the above diseases, they need to get the permission of their doctors, so as to avoid unnecessary troubles.

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Doctor of Medicine Yu, Junqing

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