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Gua Sha Therapy For Alleviating Renal Failure

2013-01-26 11:26

Gua ShaGua Sha is one natural remedy of traditional Chinese medicines. Practitioners of Gua Sha will use instruments made by horn or jade to rub certain parts of the patients’ skin so as to clear the meridians, eliminate blood stasis and promote blood circulation. It can help renal failure patients to alleviate fatigue, smooth the running of blood and qi in the patients’ body and enhance their immunity.

To explain it in details, Gua Sha has the following benefits to renal failure patients.

Gua Sha can alleviate pains and muscle cramps for renal failure patients

By improving local circulation, increasing pain threshold and much relaxing the tense muscles, pains, oppression symptoms and muscle cramps will be much alleviated.

Gua Sha can promote the excretion of wastes and toxins from the body

It can promote blood and lymph circulation so as to speed up the clearing of metabolic wastes and toxins and purify the blood and internal environment. On the other hand, it can provide more nutritions to the tissues and cells so as to slow down illness progression and promote recovery. Gua Sha makes the patients to sweat and also this helps clear some wasteful products outsides.

Gua Sha can balance immune system and improve immunity

Gua Sha can regulate renal disorders and improve kidney functions. What is more, it can also balance disorders and dysfunctions in the immune system and enhance patients’ immunity and disease-resistance ability.

Besides, Gua Sha is good for preventing cold and help diabetic renal disease patients to lose weight.

However not every renal failure patient can have Gua Sha. For example, for renal failure due to polycystic kidney disease or other renal cystic diseases, they can not have Gua Sha on their back or it might cause cyst rupture and a series of severe consequences. Besides, they need to avoid strenuous activities, physical traumas such as bump, bending down or lifting heavy goods, etc.

Of cause, Gua Sha should be done by professional practitioners because there are certain skills, fingering, meridians and acupoints that need to follow so as to achieve the expected curative effects without unnecessary injuries and damages to worsening renal failure.

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Gua Sha Therapy For Alleviating Renal Failure

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