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Healthy Living Kidney Diet

Kidney is vital organs for us. It is necessary to know proper daily diets for healthy kidney---proper foods, nutrition, fruit and vegetable, etc.

Why Nephrotic Syndrome Patients Can Not Take Too Much Bead Curd

Core Tips: Nephrotic Syndrome patients, daily protein intake should be determined according to the amount of protein lost in the urine. 1.5-2.0g / kg is moderat...Read More

How To Reduce Creatinine 2.7 By Food

Creatinine 2.7, chronic kidney disease, what food help me reduce creatinine 2.7? Can creatinine 2.7 be normal? Is it possible to recover damaged kidney? ...Read More

Can Patients Eat Sweet Potato with CKD

CKD patients should control diet strictly,a good eating habit is beneficial to their health.If you eat whatever you like,which may exacerbate the disease.Then,c...Read More

Should Patient with High Creatinine Level Eat Brinjal

Should patients with high creatinine level eat brinjal? Do you have this doubt? If you do have this kind of doubt, you are recommended to read the article. Firs...Read More

Suggestions of Phosphorus Foods for Chronic Kidney Disease Patients

When people are attacked by Chronic Kidney Disease, they are recommended with a strict diet plan which is helpful for them to protect the kidney functions and r...Read More

The Proper Fluid Intake in CKD Patients

We all know that CKD patients can not have too much fluids intake for it can cause kidney metabolism burden, leading to more serious symptoms, but fluids are ne...Read More

Diet Plan for Preventing the Happen of Diabetic Nephropathy

Diabetic nephropathy is the complication of diabetes. Once patients suffer from some symptoms, they usually have experienced the renal insufficient. With the ki...Read More

What Foods Are Best to Improve Kidney Function for Kidney Failure

Many kidney failure patients always want to treat their disease without medical treatment, just through a scientific life style. We often received questions suc...Read More

Is Stage 4 Chronic Kidney Disease Diet Enough

Stage 4 chronic kidney disease means the kidney function has already severely damaged. Various symptoms will undoubtedly affect the quality of life. A healthy d...Read More

Can PKD Patients Eat Green Pepper

Can PKD patients eat green pepper? Now, more and more people pay attention to their daily lifestyle and diet, especially for PKD and other kidney diseases patie...Read More

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