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What Foods to Be Avoided for Patients with Pyelonephritis

2013-10-02 15:59

What Foods to Be Avoided for Patients with PyelonephritisFood is the most direct and effective source to obtain nutrients for people. Any diseases have taboo in diet in which also includes pyelonephritis. The following things may tell you what foods to be avoided for patients with pyelonephritis. A part of things may help you.

1 Avoid fatty foods

Pyelonephritis patients have the symptoms like high blood pressure and anemia which can be affected by animal fat. This is because fat can result in the exacerbation of arteriosclerosis and the inhibition of hematopoietic function, the chronic nephritis patients should eat less. However, if chronic nephritis patients don’t have fat intake, their body will become weaker, so in the daily life, people can replace it with vegetable oil and around 60 grams every day.

2 Limit salt

Edema has great relationship between blood volume and sodium salt. If pyelonephritis patients have eaten too much salt but urination function has impaired, which often aggravate the symptom of edema, increase blood volume and finally lead to heart failure. Therefore, patients must limit salt and to be given a low salt diet. Every day, salt intake should be controlled below 2-4 g.

3 Limit plant protein

The protein intake should depend on the condition of renal function. When oliguria, edema, high blood pressure and Nitrogen stranding appear, in order to reduce the burden of the kidney and avoid nonprotein nitrogen accumulation in the body, pyelonephritis patients should control the intake amount of protein in 20~40grams. Especially plant protein which can aggravate the metabolism of kidney, patients shouldn’t use beans and bean products as the nutritional supplement, such as soya bean, mung bean, broad bean, soybean milk and bean curd.

After read this article, you must learn much knowledge about what foods to be avoided for patients with pyelonephritis. If you are interested in this topic or want to know more about your disease, you can leave your message below or email us to, we will have the best experts to help you. We are look forward to your asking.

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