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Can A Person with Chronic Kidney Disease Eat Pears

2013-10-03 09:51

pears, Can A Person with Chronic Kidney Disease Eat Pears, chronic kidney diseasePatients with chronic kidney disease are commonly suggested to keep a reasonable and healthy renal diet. Now follow us to see whether can a person with chronic kidney disease eat pears.

Renal diets often allow chronic kidney disease patients to eat most fruits. But if their kidneys are unable to regulate the levels of potassium and phosphorus in the bloodstream, they may need to choose some fruits over others. In general, chronic kidney disease patients can usually eat apples, pears, peaches, plums, tangerines, watermelon and most berries. What is more, pears can also bring chronic kidney disease patients the following benefits:

-anemia can become a common complication of chronic kidney disease. Daily drink at least one kilogram of pear juice. Pears, besides the fact that they are quite rich in iron, stimulates haematopoiesis, the formation of red blood cells.

-Recent studies have shown that high consumption of polyphenols (especially organic substances present in pears) from natural sources is in close contact with a much lower risk of developing cardiovascular disease. Pears and peaches are the most rich in these natural substances.

-Drink daily for 2-3 weeks, 1 liter of pear juice. It not only dissolve and grind the stones, but also promotes their prompt removal by increasing urine output. Moreover, the pears are an excellent incentive for kidney activity.

-Pear favors the production role of immune cells, relieves fever, feed the body.

From the information mentioned above, we can know that chronic kidney disease patients are allowed to eat pears. Besides, if you are lack of related information about diet suggestions, you can choose to leave a message below or emailing us to to tell us more about your condition, some professional medical advises can be surely given.

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