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Can You Eat Nuts with Kidney Disease

2013-10-04 15:55

Can You Eat Nuts with Kidney DiseaseIt is well known that nut is the best part of plant which is rich in nutrition generally. It contains rich protein, lipid, mineral and vitamin. All of these nutrients have excellent effects on the growth of human body and prevention of disease. Moreover, many people like to give away nuts when they visit sick friends. So, many patients want to know can they eat nuts with kidney disease. The following may give you answers.

First, the protein content of nut is higher and most of protein is plant protein, people have low rate to absorb and use this protein. What is more, it will produce large amounts of nitrogen wastes in the process of metabolism, which can increase the burden of kidney and even worsen kidney disease.

Second, the content of fat in nuts also cannot be ignored. Experts indicate that if kidney disease patients have high fat diet, which can lead to the increase of blood lipid. With the increase of blood lipid, a series of chemical reactions will occur in kidney. Then, Peroxide nitrite will generate which have toxic effects to kidney cells. Finally, it can lead to glomerular sclerosis and renal damage of tubulointerstitium.

Third, nuts generally contain more potassium and sodium. Uremia patients often need to limit the intake of potassium and sodium. Once patients eat a large quality of nuts, the danger of electrolyte disorder can occur easily.

Fourth, a part of processed nuts have high content of salt. People often add a lot of salts by themselves in the process of production in order to eating deliciously. To the kidney disease patients, this is very dangerous to eat nuts.

In conclusion, experts advise that kidney disease patients don’t eat nuts as far as possible in daily life, they can use corn oil instead of peanut oil when cooking. For kidney disease patients, they should adhere to the diet of low salt, low fat and high quality protein. As we often say that good eating habits are good for kidney disease rehabilitation completely.

If you have other questions about kidney disease or want to know more about diet for kidney disease, please contact us immediately, professional kidney disease doctors will answer for you carefully.

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