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Good Diet for Kidney Cyst Patients

2013-10-06 11:08

Good Diet for Kidney Cyst PatientsIt is very confused when patients are checked with kidney cyst. Later, most of them are worried about their physical condition. As is well known to us, after patients got kidney cyst, it is very important to have a good diet. Patients with kidney cyst should make a plan of reasonable diet to prevent the deterioration of kidney cyst, otherwise, it will go against regular treatment to patients. However, few patients know what points they should pay attention to in the diet. So let’s learn about how to use diet therapy to treat kidney cyst together.

1 Control of water intake

Patients with a certain degree of kidney cyst should be aware of the water intake. However, when patients get simple kidney cyst, due to the decreased enrichment function of kidney, metabolite need more water to be discharged out of the body. Therefore, if patients with simple kidney cyst don’t have obvious high blood pressure, heart failure or edema, they shouldn’t control the water intake blindly.

2 Control of salt intake

This condition is aimed at expanded kidney cyst has already harm to the patients’ kidney function. At the moment, patients should control the salt intake strictly. However, not all patients need to limit salt intake, which is depending on individual circumstances.

3 Control the protein

Modern medicine tell us whether protein intake too low or too much is bad to the kidney. Especially taking too much protein, which can produce excess metabolites easily. These metabolites can’t be discharged out of the body successfully, thus it becomes the burden of kidney. Control the protein can play an important role in reducing the kidney burden and decreasing the generation of end-stage kidney failure and toxin.

4 Rest

Patients should avoid violent physical activity and abdominal trauma. When kidney is swelling significantly, in order to prevent cyst rupturing, patients need to use suspender instead of sash. In general, they should review every six months and avoid all the drugs which are toxic to the kidney.

In conclusion, it is very important to have a good diet for kidney cyst patients. They must control the above things strictly and choose effective treatment in time, only in this way can they recover very well.

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