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Can You Have Carrot Juice on a Kidney Diet

2013-10-14 13:42

Can You Have Carrot Juice on a Kidney DietDue to its rich nutrition, carrot is also called “small ginseng” by people. As we all know that carrot juice contains lots of carotene and vitamin C and both of which are beneficial to the growth and development of people’s body. Moreover, juicing is the perfect natural remedy for kidney disease, as it is easy, very safe, cost effective, and tastes great. Then, can you have carrot juice on a kidney diet?

To answer to this question, many experiments have been conducted by kidney experts. Finally, they tell us that when your kidney is damaged, carrot juice has been proved to help alleviate and reduce some symptoms like high creatinine level, high blood pressure and so on. Moreover, many fresh fruits and vegetables can help people dissolve any mineral, uric acid crystals or calcium that have accumulated in the body over the years. In addition, carrot juice also can help speed up renal function effectively. If you have taken a lot, it can in turn help to regularly flush out toxins from organs.

Finally, carrot juice on a kidney diet is recommended a part to the damaged kidney patients. It is not only because the rich nutrition included in carrot, but also due to its repair function to damaged kidney. However, the question can you have carrot juice on a kidney diet is depend on the specific situations of patients with damaged kidney. Generally speaking, before you take carrot juice, you had better to consult the suggestion of your doctors and ask the quality you need to take in a day.

In conclusion, remember that a healthy diet is so important to everybody and especially you must pay more attention to the diet when you have kidney diseases. If you still have some questions about kidney diet or carrot juice, please talk to our online service or email us to, we will give you the best answers.

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