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Foods to Avoid with Kidney Disease

2013-10-16 11:36 Foods to Avoid with Kidney Disease

Generally speaking, our kidneys have the function to help discharge metabolic wastes and toxins, excess water and electrolytes out of the body. However, when your kidney has been damaged, these functions failed to work properly and if you eat some foods need to be avoided, the metabolic wastes of these foods will become the burden to your kidney, finally, you are more likely to receive dialysis or kidney transplant to maintain your life. The following introduces a variety of foods to avoid with kidney disease, now, follow us:

1. In general, all of fresh fruits and vegetables are beneficial to patients with kidney disease due to its low protein, high vitamin and high fiber. However, if diseased kidney patients together with hyperkalaemia, they need to limit foods which are rich in potassium strictly.

2. Protein

Although protein is an essential component of a healthy diet and helps in maintaining muscle strength, it can worsen kidney disease when high protein foods have been taken. The protein is absorbed and broken down releasing a chemical called uric acid which may accumulate in the body as a toxic substance and finally cause various problems such as heart disorders, muscle weakness and joint pain.

3. Salts

It is well known that when your kidney has been damaged, it cannot maintain balanced levels salts in the body which may accumulate in the body and finally edema or swelling in the feet, hands and face may be appeared.

4. Potassium

Bananas, oranges, tomatoes, milk, prunes, peas, dried nuts, beans and chocolates should be avoided as they contain high potassium. These foods may cause an abnormal heart rhythm called arrhythmia which can be fatal.

The above are some foods to avoid with kidney disease, if you still have some questions on the diet, please chat with our online doctors or feel free to leave your information below, we will give you the best answers.

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