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Stage 3 Kidney Disease: Can I Eat Sweet Potatoes

2013-10-22 10:14

Sweet Potatoes, Stage 3 Kidney DiseaseStage 3 kidney disease means the moderate reduction of kidney function, kidneys’ normal ability has been affected. All the kidney disease patients are suggested to keep a healthy diet. Then can stage 3 kidney disease patients eat sweet potatoes? Now follow us to find the answer.

Diseased kidneys are not able to efficiently filter harmful substances from the body. The harm from excess vitamins and minerals in the bloodstream accelerate kidney damage and cause other organ damage, body swelling and high blood pressure. So eating a healthy diet which will not produce much wastes is very important for patients with stage 3 kidney disease.

Sweet potato is a nutritious, low-fat and fibrous choice for a healthy diet, which is because it is rich in vitamins and minerals. However, it does not mean sweet potatoes are available to stage 3 kidney disease patients. Actually they are not suggested to eat sweet potatoes.

In the presence of kidney disease, the dietary needs change and what appears as a nutritious food for healthy kidneys, become one that patients must limit in the diet for kidney disease. For stage 3 kidney disease patients, the diseased kidneys can not remove excess potassium quick enough from the body and excess potassium can cause dangerous effects including weakness, arrhythmia or heart attack. When you have kidney disease, potassium levels must remain in a safe range. However, potassium belongs to the prominent nutrients in sweet potatoes. So stage 3 kidney disease patients had better not eat sweet potatoes, especially when their potassium levels exceed the normal levels.

Actually there is no a certain food kidney disease patients should forbid strictly. The diet suggestions depend on the results of test report and patients’ overall conditions. If you still need more information about diet suggestions, you can tell us more about your condition by leaving a message below or emailing to We are here to help.

But we have to say stage 3 kidney disease is an urgent stage which needs proper treatment, which is because it still can be reversed. Of course if you are interested in natural treatments which can help recover kidney function, also you can contact us, we will surely offer you professional and free medical advises.

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