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Can You Drink With Kidney Disease

2013-10-23 11:14

Can You Drink With Kidney DiseaseRecently, some patients consult us can they drink with kidney disease. To this question, the answer coming from kidney experts as follows:

The advantages of drinking with kidney disease:

It is well known that alcohol plays an important role whether in the party or in the family. Actually, drinking a little not only can keep bones strong, but also is beneficial to prevent high blood pressure and diabetes effectively. So when kidney disease patients are suffering from high blood pressure and diabetes together, they are recommended to drinking a little in their daily life . In addition, except these advantages that mentioned above, the most interesting point to people is that drinking plays an important role in reducing pressure and recovering from fatigue.

The disadvantages of drinking with kidney disease:

However, to the kidney disease patients, drinking is bad for damaged kidney which need a good environment to recover. In addition, drinking can affect the nitrogen balance in the body and increase the content of urea nitrogen in blood, which may increase the burden of kidney so as to worsen the kidney conditions.

Drinking and medicines

To the kidney disease patients, some very important medicines you may taking. On this occasion, alcohol may interact with one of your medicines. So before you drinking, it is necessary to discuss with your doctors.

Of course, you are allowed to drinking with both pre-dialysis and dialysis, but you have to make sure you are drinking in moderation. Alcohol may not have much nutrition value, but it does have calories. When you drinking too much, which may affect your diet to a large extent. For this reason, kidney disease patients must pay more attention to the amount of alcohol.

Finally, If you still have other questions, feel free to contact us by phone or email us to , we are glad to help you.

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