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Can You Eat Chocolate With Kidney Disease

2013-10-29 14:54

Can You Eat Chocolate With Kidney DiseaseIn our daily life, chocolate is a good gift for people and it is loved by many children due to its delicious tastes. However, recently, many people consult us can kidney disease patients eat chocolate. Now, we will tell you something about can you eat chocolate with kidney disease, we hope a part of passages can help you greatly.

If you have advanced kidney disease, kidney experts or nutritionist might tell you to stay away from chocolate. This advice is not made arbitrarily and it does not mean chocolate is bad for your kidneys. The reasons as follow:

Kidneys and phosphorus

As we all know that our kidneys help to remove excessive wastes and toxins such as creatinine and urea out of the body and excess potassium, phosphorus are excreted into the urine. When your kidney fails to work properly, they are less able to perform these functions so as to phosphorus levels begin to creep up. If your serum phosphorus levels exceed 5.5mg/dl , your doctor may recommend that you should avoid chocolate and other high phosphorus foods as quickly as possible. Now, if you are eager to know the amounts of phosphorus intake based on your own illness conditions, please email us to or leave your message in the box below, our kidney experts will let you know how much phosphorus is safe for you to consume.

Phosphorus and chocolate

Nutritionist tells us that chocolate contains a lot of phosphorus and eating high phosphorus foods such as chocolate can have serious, long-term consequences if you have kidney disease. It begins to pull calcium from the bones. In addition to permanently weakening the bones and making you more vulnerable to fractures, the calcium also can deposit in blood vessels, muscles and other areas.

Can you eat chocolate with kidney disease

Finally, if you have healthy kidneys or if your phosphorus levels are normal, you need not avoid chocolate. To the contrary, you should stay away from chocolate immediately.

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