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What are the Best Foods for Gout in A Patient with Kidney Failure

2014-05-04 20:15

Kidney Failure means that kidneys have been damaged, and the kidneys can not work as before, so some metabolites will accumulate in the body or blood. As kidney failure develops, a series of symptoms will appear, and fout is one of these symptoms. As we all know, the patients with gout need to bear a great pain caused by gout. Almost all of them want to relieve the pain by natural methods, so what are the best foods for gout in a patient with kidney failure?

In view of the gout is caused by kidney failure, so the patients have more strict diet requirements. A proper diet plays a very important role in remiting the pain and slowing down the progression of kidney failure. And the best foods for gout with kidney failure are as following.

1. If you have no edema, you can drink more water or water-based liquids. Because one of the cause of gout is the accumulation of uric acid in the body. Drink more water will increase the excretion of uric acid.

2. Eat more foods rich in carbohydrate, such as rice, steamed bread and cooked wheaten food, because carbohydrate can promote uric acid discharge.

3. Eat more foods rich in vitamins B and C, suich fruits and vegetables. After dinner, you can eat some apples, oranges.

4. Eat some foods containing potassium, because potassium can reduce the precipitation of uric acid, and is good to the excretion of uric acid. But if you have hyperkalemia, you should control you potassium strictly under your doctor’s help.

5. Get rid of alcohol. Because alcohol can inhibit the generation and discharge of uric acid. Besides, studies show that drinking much alcohol will increase the pain caused by gout. What is worse, alcohol also can increase the kidney damage.

6. Limit the purin intake. Many foods are rich in purines, such as tofu, red meat, mushroom, peas and broth, etc.

7. Keep away from some medicines that can inhibit the excretion of uric acid, such as diuretic medications.

Now, the best foods and diet limitations for gout in a patient with kidney failure is listed. Any questions about the Kidney Disease or gout, you can send an eamil to, and we hope that we can help you.

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