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How to Protect Kidney And Improve Kidney Function from Diet

2014-06-20 10:52

Kidney is one of important organs in our body and responsible for many functions, such as removing waste from the body, generating urine, producing red blood cells, adjusting blood pressure and so on. But now, more and more people are suffering from chronic kidney disease (CKD) that is a disease hard to be treated and seriously affects the people’ s normal life.

Kidney disease is most commonly linked to people suffering from some diseases, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and some the older. A family history of kidney disease can also put you at risk. Obesity, autoimmune diseases, urinary tract infections and other infections also contribute to your risk of developing kidney disease. But, we can prevent CKD from changing diet, so how to protect kidney and improve kidney function from diet?

1. Drink much water

Almost everyone can benefit from an increased water intake. Drinking a lot of water is beneficial to remove out the wastes and toxins from body along with the urine. Besides, drinking water also can prevent urinary tract infection and avoid the damage to kidney.

2. Limit the salty food intake

Proper salt can benefit kidneys, but too much salt intake will contribute to high blood pressure, increase the kidney burden and cause damage to kidney. So limiting salt and salty food intake is necessary for us.

3. Avoid smoking and drinking

There are many renal toxic substances in alcohol and cigarette, so smoking and drinking can damage kidney and become one important factor of kidney disease.

4. Enough vegetables

Vegetables contain many nutrients, such as vitamins, fiber and many trace elements. Besides too much protein intake will let the kidneys work more and cause kidney damage, but you can replace large amounts of proteins in your diet with vegetables. Trying making vegetables the main component of your meal instead of meat is a good method to protect your kidneys.

Now, the above four tips to protect kidney and improve kidney function from diet have been listed, we hope you can pay attention to them and benefit from them. If you are a patient suffering from kidney disease, you are strongly recommended to receive timely treatment, because the early treatment can help you avoid dialysis and live a better life. Any questions, you can find the answer from our online doctors or send an email to Best wishes!

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