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How Can The Litchi Fruit Help Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 4

2014-09-27 14:25

how can the litchi fruit help CKD stage 4Chronic Kidney Disease stage 4 is a severe stage for kidney disease patients. Patients need to have a healthy lifestyle to prevent further damage. Some concern about how can litchi fruit help Chronic Kidney Disease stage 4. Here we will find the answer.

Litchi has high popularity among people, especially for patients. Litchi fruit also has many benefits that can help Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 4.

Increase immunity

Litchi is the source of vitamins especially vitamin C. Vitamin C helps patients improve immunity to fight against infectious agents and scavenge harmful substance. Vitamin C is good for our skin, tissues, and bones. Besides, Litchi also aids in digestion to get the utmost nutrition for the body. Furthermore, Litchi also contains lots of Vitamin B that help the body to reduce protein, metabolize carbohydrates and fats. It also can improve the function of liver and other organs.

Prevent high blood pressure

A research revealed that antioxidants foods can help lower high blood pressure and litchi contains abundant antioxidants. Litchi also contains a great amount of potassium that can maintain sodium and it can help to lower high blood pressure and reduce the possibility to get stroke and heart attack. But if you have high level potassium, you should limit the intake of litchi.

Prevent heart disease

Litchi is rich in dietary fiber that can improve cardiovascular health by provided enough nutrition. Litchi has been proved to reduce bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol, thus it improves blood flow and reduces the risk of heart disease and hypertension. Litchi also contains plentiful Oligonol that rises blood circulation, decreases post exercise exhaustion.

All these aspects that can benefit Chronic Kidney Disease stage 4, but not all patients can eat litchi. You also need to discuss with your doctor about the amount of litchi intake. If you also need to know the details about the healthy lifestyle of Chronic Kidney Disease stage 4, you can talk it with our online doctor.

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