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Diet and Treatment for PKD Patients to Prevent Kidney Stones

2014-09-28 16:15

diet and treatment for PKD patientsPKD is always related to some complications such as infection and kidney stone. Among these complications, we know kidney stone is a serious one and if not well controlled it will threaten the life. Then in order to prevent kidney stone, what should PKD patients pay attention to in diet?

1. Much water intake, avoid suppressing urine.

2. Limit the intake of meat and pluck. The meat will transform into UA after metabolism. In addition, because of the high amount of phosphorus in pluck, it can also change into UA. UA is the ingredient of kidney stone.

3. Pay attention to spinach. According to the research,above 90% kidney stones contain calcium. If intake too much oxalate, excess crystals of calcium oxalate will separate out from urine then form kidney stone.

4. Avoid too much sugar. The concentration of calcium ion, oxalic acid and acidity will increase after intake sugar, which urges the form of kidney stone.

These are the basic rules that PKD patients should follow. Of course drink less beer, intake less salt, avoid drinking milk before sleep, have the supper early are also important for PKD patients who want to prevent kidney stone.

There is no doubt that proper diet plays a significant role in kidney disease. However, PKD patients who want to prevent kidney stone from root must accept effective treatments.

Dialysis is the routine therapy in modern times and it can alleviate various symptoms temporarily, but dialysis can do nothing for the damaged kidney. As a result, the kidney function will decrease all the time. Moreover, the risk of kidney stone even much higher.

To cover the shortage of dialysis, experts in Shijiazhuang kidney disease hospital created “four ‘one’ ” Chinese Traditional treatment. Among this treatment, our Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can help you protect your kidney and improve renal function. Besides, our bath therapy, oral Chinese medicine and Mai-Kang composition can assist to control your complication. Of course kidney stone is included. Only by treat the PKD thoroughly can we prevent kidney stone from root.

If you are a PKD patient and want personal diet, or have interest in our treatment, talk with the online doctor or leave a message below, we are always here waiting for help you.

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