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Can PKD Patients Eat Green Pepper

2014-10-06 16:31

Can PKD Patients Eat Green Pepper, PKDCan PKD patients eat green pepper? Now, more and more people pay attention to their daily lifestyle and diet, especially for PKD and other kidney diseases patients. Proper foods are good for their health. Green pepper is a kind of popular food, then whether PKD patients can eat green pepper?

Green pepper is rich in vitamin C and the content of vitamin C of green pepper is higher than that of any other vegetables. Its unique taste has the function of stimulating salivary secretion and it also contains capsaicine which can whet appetites of PKD patients,help digest,and prevent constipation. At the same time, it has the function of preventing cancers. We can say that green pepper is really good for the PKD patients. Moreover,green pepper also can treat abdominal pain caused by cold, vomiting,diarrhea,chilblain,etc.

In fact,the common PKD patients all can eat green pepper for the lots of vitamin C is very good for their health. But what needs our attention is green pepper belongs to “hot” food, so PKD patients with eye disease, esophagitis, gastroenteritis, gastric ulcer or hemorrhoids should eat less or forbid it. One more thing is PKD patients who have high blood pressure also should think more before eating green pepper.

Whether PKD patients can eat green pepper depends on their specific physical condition. And if you want to know more about scientific diet for PKD patients, you can contact our online doctor or email to us.

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