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Is Stage 4 Chronic Kidney Disease Diet Enough

2014-11-02 16:49

Stage 4 Chronic Kidney Disease DietStage 4 chronic kidney disease means the kidney function has already severely damaged. Various symptoms will undoubtedly affect the quality of life. A healthy diet will help slow down the progression of condition and relieve some symptoms to a certain degree, however, it that enough?

A low-sodium diet may be needed to help treat fluid retention and control blood pressure. The sodium recommendation for CKD stage 4 patients is 1,000-4,000mg/d based on blood pressure, fluid balance and other conditions affecting sodium requirements.

Potassium restriction may or may not be required for patients with CKD stage 4, which depends on the lab tests. If lab tests show potassium is too high, limit intake of foods with high-potassium level, such as potatoes, oranges, bananas, legumes, dried fruit, tomato products, etc. High potassium level can be very dangers, if it can not be controlled well by medications and diet, in the clinic, dialysis treatment will be considered.

Stage 4 CKD means the severe reduction in kidney function, it is the second advanced stage of kidney disease. Some patients at stage 4 CKD may have already been on dialysis treatment. While the requirements to fluid intake for dialysis patients and non-dialysis patients are different. Welcomed to email to to tell us more about your condition, like have you been on dialysis and how about your urine volume in 24 hours, etc, our experts will help analysis your condition and then give you the corresponding medical advises within 48 hours.

A protein intake of 0.6grams per kg of body weight may be recommended when GFR level drops below 25, or about 25% kidney function is left. Half of your protein should come from foods with high-quality protein such as eggs, milk, lean meat, fish and poultry, etc.

Only healthy diet is not enough for patients with stage 4 CKD, what they really want is an efficient treatment which can help save kidneys by repairing kidney damage and recovering renal function. Nowadays, the application of Chinese medicine therapy in the clinic brings new hopes for kidney disease patients, and we hope you could learn about it and get benefits from it. If you want to know more about natural kidney failure treatment and the successful cases, go and consult the online doctor, we are glad to help.

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