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What Foods Are Best to Improve Kidney Function for Kidney Failure

2015-01-08 11:12

What Foods Are Best to Improve Kidney Function for Kidney FailureMany kidney failure patients always want to treat their disease without medical treatment, just through a scientific life style. We often received questions such like how long can I live with a scientific diet? What kinds of foods can improve my kidney function? And could you give me a reasonable diet plan? We just want to say there is no food can boost your kidney function, but you can delay the kidney function decline and remit some symptoms though a strict diet. Here will list the foods benefit to kidney failure patients.

1. High heats: kidney failure patients can take enough heats to decrease the degrading of protein to support heats and the proper intake should be controlled in 126-140kj/kg and the heats had better root in sugar, plant fat, low protein starch and so on.

2. Low quantity and high quality protein intake: high protein intake can cause damage to the kidney with the protein urine, so the protein intake should less than 0.6g/kg per day. To support the human need and decrease the kidney burden, 2/3 of protein intake should be the high quality proteins such as animal protein, milk, egg whites, lean, fish and so on. For the low use rate of protein of human body such as bean, bean products, nut fruits and so on, patients had better quit.

3. Limit sodium intake: much sodium intake is bad for the high blood pressure and edema. For patients with steady physical conditions, the proper intake should be controlled in 3-5g every day, otherwise, the 1-2g/d is proper. Sodium not only exits in salt, but also is added in soybean sauce, aginomoto, sauce and so on, so patients should choose the natural foods instead of the processed foods and pocked foods.

4. Proper potassium intake: high potassium retention in body can lead to damage to heart, so patients with less urination(less than 1000ml), should limit the potassium intake. The juice of fruits, vegetables and meats all need be strained to eliminate the potassium. And the fruits such as banana and tangerine had better be limited.

5. Low-phosphorous intake: with the kidney function decline, much phosphorous intake can lead to high calcium and phosphorous in blood, damaging the soft tissues.patients should eat less animal organs and fish lack scales.

Now if you want to know more information about kidney failure diets or foods, you can contact our online doctors, leave us messages or send email to, we will reply you within 24 hours.

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