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Can Patients Eat Sweet Potato with CKD

2015-09-26 16:38

Can Patients Eat Sweet Potato with CKDCKD patients should control diet strictly,a good eating habit is beneficial to their health.If you eat whatever you like,which may exacerbate the disease.Then,can patient eat sweet potato with PKD?

CKD patients should be far away form irritable and spicy food,such as wine, coffee, tea,condiments and the like. Besides,CKD patients should control the intake of salt everyday.The nutrition and health effects of sweet potato are very beneficial to the body, it contains the fine quality of dietary fiber and trace elements.Sweet potato also have the effect of helping digestion.So,CKD patients can eat moderate sweet potato. But,there is a high content of potassium in sweet potato,the CKD patients with hyperkalemia are not allow to eat sweet potato.

The good eating habit is important, but it is not enough for CKD patients. They should find some right methods for their disesae,too.The methods in Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine are very famous in China,including:

Plazma Exchange:Plazma exchange is a medical procedure in which plazma with toxins or wastes are removed from the blood.And then,some fresh and healthy plasma are injection into patients body to replace the lost plasma.

Acupuncture:Acupuncture stems from China.It is based on the theory that energy,called Chi,flows through and around your body along pathways. According to the theory of traditional Chinese Medicine,illness occurs when something block or unbalance your Chi.Acupuncture is a way to unblock or influence Chi and help it flow back into balance.For kidney disease,acupuncture can promote blood circulation and increase blood flow to the kidneys,which can help prevent further renal damages and recover kidney functions.

After reading the article,do you still have trouble in can patients eat sweet potato with CKD or some other questions like this.If you have,please contact us,call the online doctor or send e-mails.We will do our best to help you.

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