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Can People with Kidney Disease Eat Parsley

2013-04-03 13:35

Can People with Kidney Disease Eat ParsleyPatients with kidney disease are always reminded not to eat any food blindly. I know many patients with kidney disease pretty love the good taste of parsley, which is native to the central Mediterranean region and now widely cultivated as a vegetable or a herb, so they must want to know “can people with kidney disease eat parsley”.

Parsley has erect stems, green leaves and tiny flowers. Its leaves and stems have been used as condiments for centuries. The rich nutrition determines parsley can help treat many medical conditions, but how much parsley patients can eat depends on patients’ specific condition and their age.

Can people with kidney disease eat parsley? Parsley is proven to be an effective diuretic. It keeps sodium and potassium from pumping in the kidneys, leading to increased production of urine so that more wastes are removed from the body and the swelling can be remitted. This benefit can prepare a clear internal environment for the medical treatment. In addition, it contains rich vitamin that decides it can improve the kidney function to some extent.

High blood pressure has a close link with kidney disease. If uncontrolled very well, it can cause further kidney damage and make patients’ condition worsen. Parsley contains acidic composition that has an effect of lowering high blood pressure, especially the primary, pregnant or climacteric high blood pressure. From this point, parsley is good for people with kidney disease. Does it mean all kidney disease patients can consume it?

Unfortunately, the answer is not, because parsley is also high in potassium and phosphorus. If your blood test shows your potassium or phosphorus level is higher than the normal, you may need to avoid it. What’s more, parsley may also be harmful for some specific kidney disease such as HSPN. Therefore, you had better first tell your condition to the kidney experts online to make sure whether you can eat it.

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