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How to Prevent Chronic Kidney Failure by Diet

2013-04-06 15:25

how to prevent chronic kidney failure by dietWhat we eat affect our physical condition directly, so if we want to keep being healthy and stay far from illness, we must arrange a scientific diet. Well then, is it possible to prevent Chronic Kidney Failure by diet? And what diet is good for our kidneys?

Is it possible to prevent Chronic Kidney Failure by diet?

Chronic Kidney Failure is a progressive illness that can involve many other organs, so having an effective prevention about it will help to avoid lots of unnecessary health tissues.

Chronic Kidney Failure can be primary or secondary. For a healthy person, a scientific diet will help to lower his risk for Chronic Kidney Failure, but for people who have Diabetes, Hypertension, Lupus or purpura which can cause kidney problem, aside from adjusting their diet, they also need to bring their disease under control effectively. Besides, Chronic Kidney Failure causes no obvious discomforts at the beginning, so many patients do not aware kidney problem until their illness condition deteriorates to a very severe stage. In this light, regularly physical examination is also very important for us to prevent Chronic Kidney Failure effectively.

Diet that is good for our kidneys

To protect our kidneys from being damaged, we must arrange our diet well. Usually, diet that is good for our kidneys refers to:

1. Low-salt diet: Sodium level in blood usually is kept in a stable range (generally 136-146nmol/l). Salt is high in sodium, and when one eats too much salt, his kidneys have to work hardly to discharge excess sodium. Therefore, a low-salt diet is very helpful for lowering kidney burden.

2. Low-protein diet: when protein is metabolized in our body, urea nitrogen will be produced. Similar with sodium, excess urea nitrogen also needs to be discharged by our kidney. Therefore, to prevent Chronic Kidney Failure effectively, we need to ingest adequate protein and meanwhile ingest some high quality protein which can meet the basic physical demand, but produces less wastes.

3. Drink much more water: It is known to all that water is essential for our life. Drinking adequate water will helps to prevent kidney stone, kidney infection and urinary tract infection and many other health tissues that can cause Chronic Kidney Failure.

Lastly, a well-planed diet is not only beneficial for healthy people, but also for people who have developed Chronic Kidney Failure. However, please remember not to drink too much water if you are a Chronic Kidney Failure patient and also suffering from swelling symptom.

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