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Is Onion Good for People with High Creatinine Level

2013-04-14 11:00

Is Onion Good for People with High Creatinine LevelOnion is a very common food in our daily life, so many people pretty love its mild spicy food. However, is onion good for people with high creatinine level? Kidney disease patients whose creatinine level is elevated must want to know the answer.

For people with kidney disease, high creatinine level means a lot of their kidney function has lost. At this situation, what they eat plays an important role in their whole treatment, because eating correct is able to help control their condition, otherwise it may worsen their condition. As for onion, it is the only vegetable that contains PGA prostaglandin. PGA prostaglandin is the natural leptuntic which has an obvious effect of extending blood vessels and reducing blood viscosity so as to lower high blood pressure. High blood pressure is a big risk that can accelerate the rate of patients’ condition progressing kidney failure. In view of this, onion is good for people with kidney disease especially high creatinine level.

Besides, onion can also help lower high glucose. In recent years, diabetes has come the leading cause of end-stage kidney disease. For people with diabetic kidney disease, they can consume some onion one daily to control their blood sugar. Besides, onion contains skin bitter element which has a function of diuretic, so it can make patients produce more urine to remove more wastes including creatinine from the body. According to dietitian, 25-50g of onion every day has a good effect of lowering high blood glucose and increasing urine for people with diabetic kidney disease. However, if the patient can’t make any urine any more, he had better control the intake of onion.

Finally, onion is rich in vitamin C, phosphorus and calcium that means onion indeed can help lower high creatinine level. However, high phosphorus level occurs easily on people with end-stage kidney disease that requires patients limit the intake of high-phosphorus foods. In fact, many other foods can also help lower high creatinine level. Ask the kidney experts online for more information about these foods.

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