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Omega 3 and Kidney Disease

2013-04-28 16:54

Omega 3 and Kidney DiseaseA subsequent paper in 1999 reported that there is an intimate link between omega 3 and kidney disease. What is omega 3? Is omega 3 good for people with kidney disease?

Omega 3 refers to omega 3 fatty acids and it is essential to protect remaining healthy tissues. We must get this nutrition in our diet because our body can’t make it. For people with kidney disease, this type of fatty acid is able to slow down the progression of their condition, because of the following benefits.

Omega 3 is able to lower high blood glucose that is a big risk of kidney disease. We know usually diabetics have high TG and low lipoprotein, while omega 3 is able to correct these disorders. Therefore, consuming more foods high in omega 3 is good for diabetic kidney disease patient.

Through improving the condition of blood vessels and lowering cholesterol and triglyceride level in the blood, omega 3 can prevent cardiovascular diseases that are biggest life-threatening risk for people with kidney disease.

We know joint pain is a common symptom of kidney disease. Omega 3 has an effect of anti-inflammation, so it can help ease this bothersome pain. In addition, it can also help remit patients’ headache.

Since this type of fatty acid has so many healthy benefits, kidney disease patients should consume correct amount of it from the foods we eat. Four kinds of foods can become a source of omega 3: deep sea fish, flaxseed, algae, and masako. However, not all of these foods are suitable for every people with kidney disease.

If you have renal problems, you are recommended to consult the kidney experts online to ask what foods are suitable for you and how much you can consume. Never eat any food blindly without the permission of doctor.

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