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Is Mushroom Good for Kidney Disease Patient

2013-05-03 15:31

Is Mushroom Good for Kidney Disease PatientI have a boyfriend on dialysis. He has no use in kidneys. Is it OK for him to eat a small mushroom? Some other people with kidney disease may also have a similar experience. They can’t make sure whether they can eat mushroom. Well then, is mushroom good for kidney disease patient?

Mushroom, compared with other vegetables, is rich in various vitamins especially vitamin A and vitamin D. We can say mushroom is the only vegetable that contains vitamin D, which can help keep bone healthy with calcium, PTH and phosphorus.

People with kidney disease usually have lower immunity and they are more susceptible to infection, because of build up of many wastes and toxins in the body and immune disorders.As a great source of lysine, mushroom is able to strengthen the function of T lymphocytes and improve patients’ immunity.

Mushroom also has rich tyrosinase that is good for blood circulation and can help lower high blood pressure. In addition, it can also help lower high blood sugar and remove more wastes from the body. In view of this, patients whose kidney disease is due to hypertension or diabetes can consume it.

However, the above content doesn’t mean all kidney disease patients can eat mushroom. Because it belong to foods high in potassium but low in sodium. For people on hemodialysis, potassium is easy to build up in the blood because hemodialysis can’t remove potassium completely, while people on peritoneal dialysis, their low potassium requires them to eat more high potassium food.

In addition, mushroom is also rich in phosphorus, so people whose phosphorus level is higher than the normal had better avoid it. If you have kidney disease and love to eat mushroom, you can choose correct type of mushroom based on your condition.

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