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How to Prevent Infections with Kidney Failure

2014-02-19 23:04

Due to impaired immunity, kidney failure patients are more susceptible to various infections, such as, respiratory tract infection, urinary tract infection, intestinal infection, etc. If left untreated, patients’ life will be threatened. Well, what are the preventive measures?

1. Get enough rest, take moderate exercises, consume a sufficient amount of nutrients to strengthen the resistance and avoid the attacks of virus.

2. Take influenza vaccine or pneumococcal vaccine to prevent respiratory infections; Inject hepatitis B vaccines to avoid hepatitis B virus.

3. Pay attention to food hygiene, avoid stale foods and cold foods.

4. Keep the room clean, pay attention to indoor ventilation, make sterilization by ultraviolet radiation when necessary, dress right for the weather.

5. Keep away from crowds as much as possible, if you have to go, remember to wear a respirator to protect yourselves. At the time of hospitalization, hospital visitation should be reduced, in order to prevent cross-infection.

6. Wash hands as often as possible, do not share the towels, toothbrushes with others. Besides, patients also need to brush their teeth to keep oral cavity clean.

7. Scrub the skin with hot water, keep the skin clean. When there is severe itching skin, avoid rubbing and squeezing your skin. In this way, skin infections can be prevented.

8. For those bedridden patients, doctors or their families need to help them roll over, change positions and keep the skin dry. In addition, pat their backs regularly to promote cough and excrete sputum.

Besides, if kidney failure patients experience fever, diarrhea, cough, cough up phlegm and other infections, they are not suggested to take medicine casually, instead, they should go to the hospital immediately and figure out the underlying cause.

The above are preventive measures for infections in kidney failure patients, and we sincerely hope these measures can be beneficial. Any follow-up questions, please leave us message to or consult with our Live Doctor directly!

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