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Healthy Living Tips for Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease

2014-04-11 23:21

Healthy Living Tips for Patients with Chronic Kidney DiseaseThere are some healthy living tips for patients with chronic kidney disease. If you are happen to be a patient, please go on reading. As long as you do these things right and take good care of your kidneys, you can continue enjoying a productive life.

Tip 1. Well manage your blood sugar and blood pressure.

Most of the kidney disease are secondary to a certain primary disease, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. So you are suggested to well control your blood sugar and blood pressure to prevent more damage to kidneys and to help the recovery of the disease.

Tip 2. Eating a diet low in salt (sodium ) and protein.

The eating habit takes an important role in keeping us healthy. Even slight changes on your diet habits can make a big difference in your health, such as reducing the amount of salt and protein in your diet. High sodium is thought to be a risk factor of high blood pressure and water-sodium retention. High protein can reduce the toxins accumulation and reduce the burden of kidneys.

Tip 3. Be physically active.

It is a good habit to be physically active. It can help you stage healthy and reduce potential risk for kidneys. Make an exercise plan with your doctor. You are suggested to do some fun activities such as walking with a friend, dancing, swimming or join in the community. It can not only build up your body and improve your immunity, but also benefit for your mood and relieve the stress and the negative attitude. It does good both physically and mentally.

Tip 4. Limit drinking and avoid smoking.

Moderately drinking is beneficial to your health. But too much will rise your blood pressure and cause further damage to your kidneys. Smoking will do a lot a harm to not only your kidneys, but also your lungs, heart and many other organs in your body. So for sake of your health, you’d better quit smoking.

I think that these healthy tips are beneficial to chronic kidney disease. If you want more suggestions, you can send me to for a personal reply. Best wishes!

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