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The Care Measures of Children’ Kidney Disease

2013-10-11 10:39

At present, children are more likely to be diagnosed with kidney disease, which affects patients’ life seriously. Therefore, it becomes more and more important to take some care measures of children’ kidney disease. So in daily life, how should parents do to care and nurse children’ kidney disease? The following introduces some care measures which may help parents greatly.

In general, there are two measures:

1. Pay attention to the change of urine

In our life, parents should pay close attention to the urine of children. If bubble appears in children’ urine which exists for a long time, at this moment, parents should take their children to the hospital and check the urine immediately, which aims at to determine whether children has got kidney disease. Moreover, parents shouldn’t ignore the regular physical examination and urine test to children. If these conditions appear like proteinuria, red blood cells, white blood cells or glycosuria in the urine routine test, children should to take a further test. Whether the amount of urine is too much or too little, both may be the signal of kidney disease, this situation can’t be ignored absolutely. Pay attention to the change of urine is the most important care measure for children’ kidney disease.

2. Pay attention to the change of body

Some children with kidney diseases are found which has already reached the stage of renal insufficiency or uremia. The initial reason leading to this consequence may be the change of children’ body. This phenomenon doesn’t attract the notice of parents. For example, if eyelid or facial edema appears in the children, parents should observe the time of edema and eyelid carefully as well as take corresponding measures.

The above two measures are very useful to the care of children’ kidney disease, if you want to know more about children’ kidney disease, please contact us by phone or email us to, we are glad to help you.

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