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How Long Can Chronic Kidney Disease Patients Live

2018-09-17 10:32

Chronic Kidney Disease,PatientsAt present, Kidney Disease has become one of the killers endangering human health, many people are suffering from chronic kidney disease, here i will introduce you about how long Chronic Kidney Disease can live and chronic pain patients should pay attention to the diet.

Chronic kidney disease has become one of the important issues affecting public health. Chronic kidney disease patients need to grasp two important basic points in diet: first, long-term adherence to a low-protein diet, and second, to learn to flexibly exchange and choose food.

How long can chronic kidney disease live? There is no clear answer to this question at present, chronic kidney disease is a chronic disease, some disease control well, can live for many years, if the patient's condition has been deteriorating, there is no specific time. Therefore, patients are very closely related to disease control.

1. Preventing or delaying the further deterioration of renal function; improving or alleviating clinical symptoms; such as reducing edema, correcting anemia, controlling hypertension; preventing and treating serious complications, such as infection, imbalance of water and electrolyte, heart failure, etc.

2. Whether active control of blood pressure can control blood pressure within the ideal range is the key to prevent the development of chronic kidney disease and delay the damage of renal function.

3. The use of angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors (ACEI) in the treatment of chronic glomerulonephritis, in addition to a clear antihypertensive effect, can also reduce intraglomerular pressure, delay the deterioration of renal function, reduce urinary protein and reduce the role of glomerulosclerosis. Commonly used AcEI drugs are mono, JINDA, Bea Knapp Leigh, captopril and so on.

4. The use of anticoagulant and platelet depolymerization drugs shows that these drugs have a good stabilizing effect on renal function, and can reduce the pathological damage of kidney to a certain extent. Commonly used anticoagulants are heparin, warfarin; antiplatelet drugs are commonly used: dipyridamole (dipyridamole), aspirin and so on.

5. It is advisable to choose hormones and cytotoxic drugs according to the specific circumstances, so do not blindly use them.

6. Prevention and treatment of other factors that can cause kidney damage avoid the use of nephrotoxicity and easy to induce damage to renal function drugs, such as gentamicin, sulfonamides, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

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