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What to Do with Leg Cramps on Dialysis

2014-02-22 18:51

What to Do with Leg Cramps on DialysisMuscle cramps occur frequently in patients who are on dialysis. It can involve the feet, arms, hands and most commonly in leg. It can be painful and bring patients a lot of troubles. What to do with leg cramps on dialysis?

It is estimated that 33%-86% of patients who are receiving dialysis will suffer from leg cramps. Some patients cannot tolerate the dialysis because of leg cramps. Why will patients experience leg cramps on dialysis?

As we all know, dialysis is regarded as an artificial kidney, which is used to discharge the toxins in blood and keep balance of electrolyte. But when it but it cannot remove the minerals completely. If the phosphorus level is high, the calcium level will be reduced. Low level of phosphorus will led to leg cramps.

Besides, dialysis can also discharge the extra fluids in blood. If a large amount of water is removed suddenly, it may lead to leg cramps.

What to do with leg cramps on dialysis?

You can do some exercise before dialysis to stretch your muscle. It can help relieve the incidence of leg cramps on dialysis. Once leg cramps happen during dialysis, you should call your healthcare team to help stretch your legs to alleviate the discomfort.

However, if you want to get rid of leg cramps completely, the above methods are far from enough. Dialysis is not the only cause of leg cramps, the underlying cause is the damaged kidney. So the root method to deal with leg cramps is to repair the damaged kidney cells and improve kidney function. Here Hot Compress Therapy is recommended. It is a natural therapy and used externally. For how it functions, you can ask the online doctor. The herbs will get into kidney lesions with the help of an osmosis device. The damaged kidney cells will be repaired and kidney function will be enhanced gradually. Therefore, not only leg cramps can be relieved, other discomforts can also be treated. Furthermore, you can reduce the frequency of dialysis.

What to do with leg cramps on dialysis? Do you have a clear understanding of it? You are welcomed to send an email to if you have other questions. Best wishes!

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